Japanese tale #54 -A jealous Tortoise

jealous tortoise.jpg

Once upon a time, animals all talked and live together in what was to become Japan.

They frolicked and played all across the hills, but also bickered and argued, loud and clear very much like humans do today.

Tortoise was one of those bitter creatures. Though his shell was sturdy, smooth amber and polished like a mirror, he longed for fur and long elegant limbs. Lire la suite

Japanese tale #39 – The Moon Spirit

moon spirit

Once upon a time, the moon was inhabited by a divine spirit. Beautiful as it was, glowing pale as the purest jewel, the spirit felt very lonely. Up in its remote hiding, a world of silvery rocks and limpid silence, it longed for a companion.

Far below, the earth was full of life. Each time the moon spirit looked down it could see humans and animals, climbing the tallest mountains, riding the deepest seas. In forests and fields, shores and caves, mortals beings thrived.

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Japanese tale #25 – The Deers and the Rabbits


Once upon a time, long, long time ago, all rabbits had a horn growing on their foreheads.

Rabbits were very proud of their looks. They spent a lot of time grooming their silky white furs and polishing their horns until they shone like pearls.

Whenever they crossed other animals, rabbits would brag:

– See how beautiful we are! Have you ever encountered anyone with a coat as soft or a horn as precious as ours?

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