Japanese tale #66 – The wave


Once upon a time, there was sweet couple who lived a comfortable life by the sea. Despite their material comfort, both were very sad for they could not have children.

They had tried everything, patiently summoning famed physicians, and hiring priests for ritual chants and prayers. But alas, years and years passed, and no infant came to brighten their lives.

Finally, they both decided to make a pilgrimage to the mountains which stood at a few days walk from their home city. Lire la suite

Japanese tale #21 – The snake’s bride

snake bride.jpg

Once upon a time, in a peaceful countryside, lived Kenta, a farmer who had three daughters.

It was a simple man who loved his wife and children dearly. The whole family worked hard in their paddy-fields from sunrise to dusk. They plowed and planted, feet all day long paddling in soft mud, their backs bent and broken.

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