Japanese tale #53 – Stormy dreams

stormy dreams.jpg

Once upon a time, in remote area of Mie, was a mighty dragon who lived nestled in the depths of Osugidani river.

As fearless as the beast itself, the mountain stream flowed swift, bouncing among ancient trees and leaping over rocks in thunderous waterfalls. Lire la suite


Japanese tale #34 – The Ogre’s Bridge


Once upon a time, there was a village which stood near a big, flowing river.

Treacherous waters ran fast, whirlpools ready to catch imprudent people reckless enough to try swimming across.

The villagers had to walk miles and miles to ford and reach the other bank.

Many times, they had tried to build a bridge. Yet the river kept running wild and, at the first storm, burst untamed. Every bridges had been destroyed by the sheer rage of water.

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