Japanese Tale #29 – The feathered cloak


Once upon a time, deep in the heart of Japan, there was a small village which stood near a huge lake. In such a remote area, of dark forests and treacherous rocks, the quiet lake was a true blessing.

Calm, clear water spread as far as the eye could see. This serene world, made of greys and blues, was only disrupted by the smooth glide of waterbirds and the rippling rings of fishes.

The small village was a fishermen community. All got up long before dawn, laying out nets and creels. And just at the break of day, silent barques slid effortlessly on the lake, ready for catch.

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Japanese tale #16 – The dancing fox


Once upon a time, stood a village near a huge forest. And in those woods, lived a fox name Okon who loved to trick people.

Its mischiefs were many and known all across the land. Here and there, farmers whispered:

– Have you heard? That sly beast pushed Akiko to eat sweet dumplings…made of mud! And yesterday, Goro has dived in a tub of ox manure thinking it was a bath!

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