Conte japonais #55 – Voir rouge

seeing red fr.jpg

Il y avait une fois, un samouraï qui voyageait se retrouva surpris par la pluie près d’un vieux château.

La forteresse avait été abandonnée depuis bien des années et n’était à présent rien de plus qu’une colline abrupte hérissée ça et là de bâtiments de bois décrépis.

Sous le ciel lourd, les sombres reste du château, bien que maussades et inquiétants, attirèrent le samouraï : Lire la suite

Japanese tale #55 – Seeing red

seeing red.jpg

Once upon a time, a traveling samurai got caught in the rain by an old castle.

The fortress had stood forgotten for years and was now no more than a steep hill still spiked here and there by gloomy wooden ruins.

Under thundering clouds, the dark remains of the castle, thought sinisters and grim, lured the man closer. Lire la suite

Japanese tale #52 – Soot coat, silk coat

soot coat

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the Crow did not wear the feathers coat as deep as the night we know today.

In this remote past, most forest birds were buttoned up from tails to beaks in austere frocks of dusty greys and muddy browns, living hidden in high trees and under thick brambles.

Crow truly stood out from this mousy crowd. Dazzling and grand, he owned the most striking attire, as colorful as a rainbow. Lire la suite

Japanese tale #51 – Hold your tongue

hold tongue

Once upon a time, eight good friends traveled together. They had prepared their trip well, thoroughly studying travel guides and marking things they should not miss. And, stations after stations, they enjoyed the many teashops and refined inns which stood along the road.

One evening, after bathing in their inn’s hot spring, they got together in the suite they all shared.

The maids were finishing setting rooms up for the night, running silently up and down the long corridors. The travellers merrily hailed one and asked:

– Tonight, we celebrate our friendship ! Please get us something to drink!

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Japanese tale #50 – Eye for eye

eye for eye.jpg

Once upon a time, in old Edo, there was a man named Denshi who ruled a small circus​.

He had various numbers, from dog’s acrobatics to simple smoke and mirrors tricks, yet public was getting more and more scarce every passing day.

One evening, he overheard two young men talking excitedly outside his hut:

– Have you heard about the new haunted house? People say it’s such a great freak show: they even have a ghost! Let’s go check it, I am sure we’re going to love it! Lire la suite

Japanese tale #43 – Ghost Song

ghost song.jpg

A long time ago in the city of Kyoto, the emperor owned an amazing biwa lute. Named Genjo, the antique instrument had been passed on from generations to generations since ancient times. Made of the smoothest dark wood, its neck rose thin and tall like a graceful crane.

Renowned for its clear voice, Genjo was one of the most fabulous treasures of the court. None but the emperor had the right to play it, and very few had had the chance to hear it sing for the man was not a keen music player.

Most of the time, the lute rested well guarded deep in the heart of the palace, nestled among the finest silks in a precious wooden chest.

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