Japanese tale #51 – Hold your tongue

hold tongue

Once upon a time, eight good friends traveled together. They had prepared their trip well, thoroughly studying travel guides and marking things they should not miss. And, stations after stations, they enjoyed the many teashops and refined inns which stood along the road.

One evening, after bathing in their inn’s hot spring, they got together in the suite they all shared.

The maids were finishing setting rooms up for the night, running silently up and down the long corridors. The travellers merrily hailed one and asked:

– Tonight, we celebrate our friendship ! Please get us something to drink!

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« The Fox Witch » Tale – ASMR reading

Horror story lover @arcadehime is back with a new ASMR reading of my Fox Witch Japanese creepy folk tale ❤️

You can also find her reading some of my stories here.

(If you don’t know about those, ASMR are quiet audio files/videos which are a great way to fight anxiety, insomnia or just simply relax)