Japanese tale #47 – The Vixen thief

vixen thief.jpg

Once upon a time, there was a young female fox who had set her den near a very passing road. True to her kin’s mischievous nature, she loved to trick innocent passersby.

With coy looks and pretty smiles, the cunning animal had lead many travelers astray, into the dark wilderness. There, she would rip them off and ran away laughing, leaving her unfortunate victim naked in the night.   Lire la suite

Japanese Tale #41 – A fox’s tail

fox tail.jpg

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous fox who lived near a remote hamlet. Lurking in the woods by day, descending to the village at night, the beast took the greatest pleasure tormenting farmers and woodsmen.

He kept stealing food and hiding tools… but also loved to terrify small children with whispers in the dark. More often than not, frightened cries would rose. And the fox’s laugh would ring in the air:

– Oh come on, don’t take it bad kid! That was just a joke!

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[Giveaway/Concours] Retour d’Écosse

concours ecosse.jpg

Je suis rentrée d’Écosse depuis 2 mois déjà et je termine tout juste mon carnet de voyage. De là à dire que j’écris terriblement lentement il n’y a qu’un pas que je ne franchirai pas xD

Heureusement, j’ai ramené dans mes valises de menus cadeaux propres à me faire pardonner. Oui oui des cadeaux, car avec les premiers flocons qui tombent dans mes montagnes, l’esprit de Noël pointe déjà son nez ! Donc en un mot comme en 100 :

Concours mes bon amis !

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Conte japonais #18 – La sorcière renarde


Il y avait une fois, dans un quartier paisible de la vieille Edo, une famille de marchands prospère qui avait fait fortune en vendant des soieries.

Ils habitaient une belle maison de bois, à la devanture accueillante où se pressait toujours une foule de clients venus choisir leur prochain kimono. A l’arrière, les autres pièces étaient toutes confortables, décorées avec goût des belles portes coulissantes et toujours pavées de tatami neufs.

Une seule chose manquait à leur bonheur : malgré leur fortune, leur fils unique, Takahiro, était toujours célibataire. C’était un jeune homme difficile, qui trouvait toujours quelque chose à redire lorsque ses parents lui présentaient une jeune fille :

– Celle ci est trop maigre, celle-là stupide, et elle d’un ennui. Oh Mère, la femme parfaite existe je le sais ! je dois juste être patient !

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Japanese tale #18 – The fox witch


Once upon a time, in a quiet neighborhood of old Edo, was a prosperous merchant family who had made fortune selling luscious silks.

They lived in a pretty wooden house, with a welcoming front where all kinds of clients came picking their next kimono. The back and upstairs rooms were comfortable, and all lined with tasteful sliding doors and fresh tatami mats.

Only one thing worried them: despite their fortune, their only son, Takahiro, was still single. He was a picky young man, always finding flaws in every girls his parents proposed:

– This one is too thin, this one stupid, this one a bore. Oh mother, the perfect woman exists I know it! I just have to be patient!

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Japanese tale #17 – A mysterious birth


Once upon a time was a very skilled midwife going by the name of Chiyo. It was a tiny old lady, with a wrinkled face and a crooked back which hurt during rainy days. But her hands were strong and her voice calm and steady.

Nobody had counted how many babies had been delivered thanks to her, but every villagers around knew what to do when expectant mothers faced a difficult childbirth: call for Chiyo.

One night, as Chiyo was sleeping soundly like only elderly persons can, someone came knocking loudly at her door.

– Help, oh please I need your help!

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Japanese tale #14 – The Fox and the Dango


Once upon a time, there was a tiny teahouse up in the mountains. Built just beside the road leading to the harsh mountain pass, the old owner seldom saw travelers and mostly spent his days farming.

One Autumn day though, a weary samurai came to stop. His tattered blue pants and straw shoes, covered with mud and fallen leaves, were a poor sight. Yet the young man had a noble posture and very refined manners. He called gently:

– Hello? Is there somebody here ?

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