Japanese tale #47 – The Vixen thief

vixen thief.jpg

Once upon a time, there was a young female fox who had set her den near a very passing road. True to her kin’s mischievous nature, she loved to trick innocent passersby.

With coy looks and pretty smiles, the cunning animal had lead many travelers astray, into the dark wilderness. There, she would rip them off and ran away laughing, leaving her unfortunate victim naked in the night.   Lire la suite

Japanese tale #23 – The sleeping wolf


Once upon a time, there was a mountain monk who decided it was time to make his pilgrimage to a far away shrine. He packed the few things he owned and took the road, crossing valleys and fields until he arrived to a mighty forest.

It was an amazing place, beautiful and wild. A tiny little path went through the woods, sole evidence of the presence of men on those lands. The huge trees shaded the forest ground, turning the daylight into an eerie twilight. The monk summoned all his courage and went on his way.

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