Japanese tale #65 – The old charcoal burners

charcoal burners.jpg

Once upon a time, an old man and his beloved wife lived a humble life on a distant mountainside.

For years, they had made their living of charcoal making.

Every morning, the man climbed the steep slopes of the forest to cut thick oak trees. He then brought lumbers down to the clearing where their kilns stood, and he and his wife transformed wood over the course of long tedious workdays.

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Japanese tale #42 – Inky Mane

inky mane.jpg

Once upon a time, there was a quiet temple who stood tall upon serene hills and golden paddies. Well loved by local farmers, its monks were simple people, quite pious and hard to the task.

Among them, lived a boy named Hachiro. It was a very small child, always daydreaming, who had been given to the temple by his poor parents.

As every young boy, Hachiro had little interest for daily prayers,boring lectures and long meditations. In fact, he had only one true passion: he loved to paint. Lire la suite

Japanese tale #40 – A nimble hand

nimble hand

Once upon a time, an old and venerable temple overlooked a mighty river. For miles around many came to pray there, dearly hoping to encounter its high priest.

Ruling over the monks for years, he was a revered man, famous for his moral rectitude. Unwavering, he would never pardon his flock if their regrets were not honest and absolutely sincere.

Yet, under his stern face and austere attitude, the high priest also had good heart and was always ready to guide lost souls on the path of redemption. Lire la suite

Japanese tale #23 – The sleeping wolf


Once upon a time, there was a mountain monk who decided it was time to make his pilgrimage to a far away shrine. He packed the few things he owned and took the road, crossing valleys and fields until he arrived to a mighty forest.

It was an amazing place, beautiful and wild. A tiny little path went through the woods, sole evidence of the presence of men on those lands. The huge trees shaded the forest ground, turning the daylight into an eerie twilight. The monk summoned all his courage and went on his way.

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Japanese tale #20 – A talking kettle


Once upon a time, a man named Jiro and his family lived a very harsh life. For slum dwellers like them, times were difficult: despite all their hard work, money was often short and they didn’t always eat their fill.

One brisk day, as Jiro was rummaging through odds and ends, searching among garbage for things he could resell, a strange furry thing caught his attention.

The man took away some worm eaten planks only to found himself face to face with two scared eyes.

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Japanese tale #19 – The Demon and the Waterfall


Once upon a time, deep in the heart of Japan, was a village hidden in a mighty forest. Everywhere, tiny houses were surrounded by huge ferns and tall cedars reaching for the sky.

People there lived a quiet life, mostly hunting small game and gathering mushrooms and wild plants.

The forest was both their blessing and their curse. It was so rich they could find everything they needed to survive. But it was also such a wide and unfathomable land that travelers seldom dared cross it.

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